Formteknik DK


From the 1st of October PM2OL A/S located in Roskilde previously known as West Engineering Denmark has a new ownership structure following the local General Manager Henrik Jørgensen’s acquisition of PM2OL A/S from West Pharmaceutical Services and the merger of the shares with the Swedish toolshop Formteknik Verktygs AB.

Moving forward the ownership for the 2 companies will be in an equal split between Jan Aronsson, Leif Fänegård, Martin Ernstig and Henrik Jørgensen.

Short term it will be business as usual for customer’s with the same point of contact and processes, however, it is our clear ambition to explore the synergies between the two companies in order to be a leading partner in our market segment. Through this acquisition and merger we see the possibility to expand our capacity and further develop our capabilities.

Formteknik’s key focus will still be to offer high class services to the Medical Technology and Consumer packaging industry, our product offering from the early stages in part and device development up to and including the validation of turn-key systems ready for transfer, to the selected high volume manufacturer.

We look forward to still serving you under our new name of Formteknik.