Formteknik's Segments

Formteknik focus at the Caps & Closures, Consumer Packaging, Thin Wall Packaging and the Medical Technology industry.

Your Solution Partner 

We regognize that it is our employees know-how and flexibility which is our best asset and make us unique. Formteknik's ambition is to help our customers to achieve the highest levels of productivity from our products. We addapt our customers's needs and constantly develop, improve, invest and listen to meet the requirements.

Formteknik's customers are leaders in their field. This means that we always work with excellence and at the leading edge of developments in Medical Devices, Caps & Closures, Consumer Packaging and Thin Wall Packaging industry. All very different areas but the know-how we gain in one segment is highly beneficial to our customers in other segments.

At FORMTEKNIK we work both with specific tasks on consultative basis and the total solutions as well. How we can help the most depends on the task.


Formteknik’s project managers offer to support your project or take the responsibility of the complete mould manufacturing from the part design to the specified and quoted mould ready for production. We can also act as consultants for the project to expand the capacity of your department and help with project management.

Formteknik has divided the work in two departments according to market segment,  in line with experience, competences and best suitable facilities,  

Medical technology is mainly handled from Denmark

Consumer packaging segment via Formteknik in Sweden.  

Despite having divided the work in market segments we fully explore the synergy between FORMTEKNIK’s two departments in Sweden and Denmark.  We have ensured full integration and aligned our work procedures in a “centralized” or cross mixed organization setup between the two locations.